ukelele forScore

The forScore app for iPad is an alternative to song books and printouts. App is updated often.

For Android and Windows, Jean likes MobileSheets ($12.99). A trial version is free.

These notes are are a quick reference, may be dated, not intended to replace the forScore User Guide.

Copy a setlist (.4ss file) to forScore

. The procedure is finicky. If it fails, try copying these instructions and slowly follow the instructions exactly.
  1. Visit the News web page using Safari on an iPad.
  2. Touch setlist file link located below the setlist, e.g. 20230907.4ss
    and hold until list of options appears. Select "Open".
  3. Touch Download when it asks.
  4. Touch the download symbol (down arrow) at the top of Safari window to the right of the url.
  5. The setlist file appears in the download list, with a forScore logo. If no forScore logo, maybe try again.
  6. Touch the download file.
  7. Setlist and its songs are copied to forScore.

Copy a song to forScore

  1. Copy a file from a website:
    • Open Safari browser on iPad and display a song chart, e.g. in
    • Touch the share icon to the right of the URL (box with up arrow).
    • Touch "forScore."
  2. Drag and drop:
    • Open Safari browser and navigate to a list of songs such as
    • Touch 3 dots at top of screen and select the split screen icon.
    • Open the forScore app.
    • Drag songs from the screen on the left (Safari browser) to the screen on the right (forScore).
  3. AirDrop from another iPad
    • Open forScore on the "donating" iPad.
    • Display the song to share.
    • Touch center of song to display control bar at top.
    • Touch toolbox icon on right.
    • Touch share and select a format.
    • Touch AirDrop to share with a neighboring iPad.
    • Receiving iPad has the option to accept the shared file.
  4. Receive a song attached to eMail
    • Open the email with attached song[s].
    • Touch and hold a song attachment until the "Open in ..." option appears.
    • Open in ...
    • forScore
  5. Take a photo of a chart
    • Open forScore and touch center of screen to display control bar
    • Select toolbox, then Scan
    • Take a photo, select down arrow, name the chart.
  6. Cloud services for multiple files - Open toolbox, then Services, to access Dropbox et al.
  7. iTunes - multiple files

Delete all songs